FinanceNews Fintech One to Watch: TraitWareID
TraitWareID is a patent pending process that authenticates the identity of an end user and certain digital personality traits on their mobile device.
This provides real-time, in-transaction authentication of the person and device. Combined with PhotoAuth, our patent pending image-based activation method, ease-of-use and heightened security allow only the registered user to access sensitive data, or initiate financial transactions.

TraitWareID simplifies and secures access to protected web sites and applications by employing the user’s mobile device as a login token, eliminating the use of inconvenient and problematic usernames and passwords. TraitWareID does this with patent-pending technology, which begins with user authentication, then binds the user’s identity to their device. TraitWareID utilizes digital identity mapping to analyze the user-created content of the authentication device.

Press Coverage
Acuity Systems is unveiling a software platform called TraitWareID that authenticates a person’s identity with the help of a mobile phone.

The Visalia, Calif.-based Acuity Systems started life in 2008 as a video analytics software company in video surveillance. The recession and the collapse of that market forced the company to pivot into identity and access management, using mobile platforms. Heightened fears about mobile hacking and device theft have prompted companies to pay more attention to authenticating employees when they access company information using phones. On top of that, authentication is more important as mobile commerce takes off.

TraitWareID authenticates who a person is with a few questions and then associates that user with a specific mobile device and its digital characteristics. That provides enhanced security as well as a seamless customer experience, making transactions on mobile devices safer. The content that we keep on our phones distinguishes us from other people, so the chances of someone else having the exact same mobile device data is 1 in 360 billion…….