Natalie Portman “so excited” for her pregnancy

Natalie Portman has been revelling in joy since the announcement of her pregnancy in December.

The Hollywood star revealed she was “so excited” about being pregnant and her engagement to the love of her life.

The 29 year old is set to marry fiancé and New York City ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied and the baby is thought to be due by the summer.

During the premiere of her new film No Strings Attached, Natalie said “I’m so excited about what’s happening in my private life and everything else seems like, you know, just extra additional joy.

“I just feel very very lucky for all of it.”

The actress is said to be taking some time off work following the end of the awards season, looking forward to enjoying her pregnancy before the baby arrives.

Natalie may have more reason for joy as she has been tipped for success at the Oscars following her role in ballet thriller, Black Swan.

Despite leading a busy professional life, Natalie remains positive, she said “it definitely makes me feel calmer about everything to really be in such a lucky place in my personal life.”

With a history of seductive and intimate roles in the films that she stars in, the actress is unsure whether she will continue the role as she approaches motherhood. She said “I just have no idea what it is going to be like, I’ll figure out the right choices when it happens.”