Ipod ban for US runners

Lawmakers in the US are looking to stop people using Ipods while running and people texting while walking.

Officials in Arkansas and New York are looking to cut down on distracted runners and pedestrians, claiming that their diverted attention causes too many accidents.

Jonathan Adkins, a spokesman for the Governors Highway Safety Association, said “It’s not just distracted drivers. We focus a lot on distracted drivers, but we also need to focus on distracted walkers and joggers,”

In Arkansas, the proposal would ban pedestrians from using headphones in both ears while on, parallel to or adjacent to a street, road, intersection or highway. This also applies to runners and cyclists, and allows them to use earphones in one ear.

“You might not get the full effect of the Boston Symphony Orchestra with one ear, but you at least will be aware of your surroundings,” said Senator Jimmy Jeffress, an Arkansas Democrat who was a driving force behind the proposal.

In the New York there has been call to ban the use of any electronic device while crossing the street since 2007, Democratic State Senator Carl Kruger wants a proposal in place that would mean, the use of an electronic device while crossing streets in a city with a population of one million or more, would result a 100 dollar (£62) civil fine.

In America, the use of mobile phones while driving is being tackled slowing, with 30 states and the district of Columbia banning texting while driving, and many others putting restrictions on the use of mobiles behind the wheel.