Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is important for insuring many aspects of your big day. With the average wedding now costing around £20,000, wedding insurance is designed to protect this large investment against any number of unfortunate events which may crop up.

Whilst it won’t cover you if the bride fails to show up, it can cover a number of things such as damage or loss of wedding cakes, clothing, rings, flowers, and gifts for the guests.

Cover often starts a set number of days before the big day, and covers you through until the end of the wedding.

One of the biggest problems on a wedding day would be the failure of suppliers to turn up and provide the services they have promised. Wedding insurance helps you recover the cost of companies who don’t turn up, or who won’t refund deposits you have already paid.

Another advantage of wedding insurance is that it covers third party liability to all guests and staff at the wedding, so if something does happen, you can’t be sued – or if you are, your policy will cover your costs.

Wedding insurance schemes vary from provider to provider but can also cover cancellation by the venue (and subsequent costs to cancel everything else), along with legal expenses, stress counselling and personal accidents.

Whilst some wedding venues will have insurance that covers many of these things, if you are getting married in a church and having the reception at home, with different third parties organising different aspects of the wedding like the marquee, food and bar, it’s well worth having wedding insurance for some peace of mind.

With policies starting at just £30, in the grand scheme of the average wedding cost it’s something every bride should have.

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