Online Tariff

Gas, water and electricity companies often offer a discount to customers who wish to manage their accounts online. This way the company doesn’t have the expense of sending paper bills, and doesn’t need to employ people in call centres to deal with problems, fully automating the service instead.

Customers can also submit their own meter readings by this method on a monthly basis, ensuring the bill is correct, as many bills worked out by estimates are wrong.

Many customers have now become sufficiently internet savvy to be able to use online account services, which send you an email each time you need to submit a reading or pay your bill.

If your bill isn’t set up by direct debit, you can pay it online using a variety of different payment methods, and inputting your meter readings is as simple as typing a number into a box and pressing go.

The savings for online tariffs are usually greater than the added savings of paying by direct debit, and anyone who is proficient enough online would be well-advised to have a look at the value for money on these tariffs.

Anyone worried about not having a hard copy of the bill needn’t worry, as many companies offer the choice to print out the bill, or at a small cost have one sent in the post.

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