Sky, owned nearly entirely by BskyB, are the leading provider of paid-for television in the UK and have nearly 10 million customers in the country.

Sky offer their customers several hundred channels through a variety of packages, including movies and sports in High Definition.

With over 50 High Definition channels, Sky offer users all of the channels available on freeview plus a vast range of premium channels in packages, or packs as Sky call them.

The variety pack gives customers the best drama, comedy and entertainment channels, including Sky One and Sky Living. The knowledge pack gives users channels like the History and Discovery channel, while the children’s and music packs do what they say on the tin. News and Events give customers access to Sky’s huge range of news channels, and their style and culture pack gives customers access to a range of cooking and gardening shows and channels.

A standard package is currently £19.50 per month, with each extra pack costing an additional £1 a month.

On top of the standard channels offered, Sky offer premium channels such as their Movies package, which includes 11 movie channels, and their Sports pack, which gives 5 different sports channels.

These extra packs cost quite a lot more, with movies costing an extra £16.50 a month, and sports an extra £20.25 a month.
When bought together as a package, you also receive Sky World which will also give you access to the 3D channel, as long as you also pay an extra £10.25 a month for their HD channels.

Whilst Sky can be expensive, it has continued to prosper through the recent credit crunch as people are choosing to stay at home and watch TV and films rather than go out.

Sky also offer telephone and broadband services, which can be discounted when bundled together.

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