Where is McBride?

Where is McBride?

Damian McBride, the Downing Street aide who was recently required to quit after sending e-mails smearing top Tories, has “disappeared without a trace”, a senior Labour MP has announced.

Tony Wright  has said Mr McBride was meant to be giving evidence to the House of Commons public administration committee regarding the slur emails, but he “seems to have disappeared without a trace and despite our best endeavours we haven’t been able to trace him”.

The committee is in the process of investigating the role of “special advisers” in UK politics, Mr Wright said it would continue its efforts to find Mr McBride. The former Downing Street adviser has not been seen at all in public since he was sacked over e-mails discussing plans to spread lies about leading Conservatives.

He was sacked by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, without compensation, and is currently unemployed.

Anyone who sees him should approach with caution.

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