Wales go it alone

Wales go it alone

Wales will not be party to the forthcoming National Pandemic Flu Service (NPFS), which has been hastily cobbled together by the UK government to combat pig cold.

The number of people dying with pig germs has doubled in England in the last week, but the rest of the UK has not been as badly affected. It is worth noting however, that normal germs have killed thousands of people everywhere, but this is not important.

A Welsh person was interviews about the decision but wasn’t too sure where the other Welsh person who made the decision was. He may have been at lunch, but that was a guess.

A statement was issued later in the day by Wales which read ;
” We in Wales do not have many pigs, and recent studies by people in white coats have indicated that Wales is not sick. The NPFS, if launched in Wales, would seriously clash with the NFPS which already exists somewhere in the south.”


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