UK Politicians on Twitter: Who Cares?

UK Politicians on Twitter: Who Cares?

Over at the Independent they have a breakdown of the UK politicians but who really cares?

They talk a whole lot of garbage on the television and in the papers so do we really think they have anything important to say on Twitter. I decided to investigate and I found the following tweets from politicians…

Susan Hinchcliffe [Lab] “I just took the biggest shit you’ll ever imagine” about 2 hours ago

Rene Kinzett [Con] “I need a beer. When is this day going to end?” 15 minutes ago

Deborah Thomas [Con] “I’m tired of looking at these ugly fucks. Sick and tired.” 28 minutes ago

Andrew Lomas [Lab] “I have the worst job in the world. Thank god it’s friday.” about 1 hour ago

Peter Welch [LD] “Check out the tits on this girl…” about 2 hours ago

Jude Robinson [Lab] “Snooooozefest” about 2 hours ago

Like I said, not really imperative messages. oh well. what can you do?