This Day in Politics… November 30

This Day in Politics… November 30

November 30 is the day that the following events happened in history…

In 1340 John, Duke of Berry, son of John II of France  is born. He died in 1416.

In 1782 the American Revolutionary War Treaty of Paris is signed in Paris.

In 1786 Peter Leopold Joseph of Habsburg-Lorraine, Grand Duke of Tuscany, promulgates a penal reform making his country the first state to abolish the death penalty. He is later shot and killed by angry protesters.

In 1803, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Spanish representatives officially transfer the Louisiana Territory to a French representative. 20 days later, France transfers the same land to the United States as the Louisiana Purchase. It didn’t take long.

In 1939 Soviet forces cross the Finnish border in several places and bomb Helsinki and several other Finnish cities, starting the Winter War.

In 1953 Edward Mutesa II, the kabaka (king) of Buganda is deposed and exiled to London.

In 1966 Barbados becomes independent from the UK.

In 1967 South Yemen becomes independent from the UK.

In 1967 the Pakistan Peoples Party is founded by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who becomes its first Chairman later as the Head of state and Head of government after the 1971 Civil War.

In 1971 Iran seizes the Greater and Lesser Tunbs from the UAE.

In 1981 the Cold War: In Geneva, representatives from the United States and the Soviet Union begin to negotiate intermediate-range nuclear weapon reductions in Europe. The meetings end by mid Decemeber with no real conclusion.

In 1995 the official end of Operation Desert Storm occurs.