This Day in Politics: April 9, 1945

This Day in Politics: April 9, 1945

Johann Georg Elser, born on January 4 1903, was a German opponent of the Nazis. He will be forever remembered for the unsuccessful attempt to kill Hitler in 1939. He died on this day in 1945.

He was killed by gunshot at the Dachau concentration camp only a couple of weeks before the end of the war.

In April 1945 German defeat became imminent and Allied troops were drawing nearer to Dachau. This meant that the Nazis’ aim of staging a trial became futile, so Hitler ordered the killing of the “special security prisoner Eller”, the name by which Elser was called in Dachau. The head of the Gestapo, SS-Gruppenführer Heinrich Müller delivered the order for this killing to the Commandant of the Dachau concentration camp, Obersturmbannführer Eduard Weiter.

A plaque was dedicated to his memory in Königsbronn.