September 15th in political history

September 15th in political history

From time to time I’m going to pick a random day and discuss politics and history on that day in prior years. I’m starting with September 15th.

The following policitical events happened on Sept 15:

  • In 1821 El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Guatemala all declare their independence from Spain on the same day.
  • In 1830, Porfirio Díaz is born. He would later become the President of Mexico.
  • In 1857, 27th President of the USA William Howard Taft is born.
  • In 1944 Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt convine in Canada to take part in the Octagon Conference to discuss strategy.
  • In 1952 United Nations decides to make Eritrea a part of Ethiopia.
  • In 1959 Khrushchev visits the United States. He is the first Soviet leader to do this.


  • In 1966 US President Lyndon Johnson writes a letter to congress urging them to enact gun control legislation.
  • In 1983 Menachem Begin resigns as the Israeli Premier.
  • In 1987 The US and Soviets sign an agreement to slow down their nuclear arms production.