PlayStation phone confirmed

PlayStation phone

PlayStation phone


Sony Ericsson has confirmed the forthcoming launch of the Xperia Play, promising a full revelation set for 13 February, just ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Sony Ericsson’s Facebook page, states “Android is ready to play”. The page also shows an image of the PlayStation phone. Alongside this the page featured a peculiar advert that was released last week.

Sony Ericsson broadcast its first advert after last night’s Superbowl. The one –minute advert is rumoured to have cost Sony $6m.

The company says the launch event can be seen through Facebook, and anyone interested should tune in this Sunday at 6pm GMT to “witness a new era in the world of smartphones”.

The famous PlayStation Certification stamp is present too, which verifies what we all hoped, that the Xperia Play is not only a phone, it’s a games console too.

This will be the first of its kind, let’s hope it lives up to expectations, after all PlayStation is one of the most successful consoles in the world.

Will this new games console phone prove to be a competitor against iPhone or should they have quit while they were ahead with the PlayStation 3?

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