Let's be having you!

Let's be having you!

With the Norwich North by-elections fully underway as I type, Labour are fully expected to lose their pivotal seat. What has only recently come to light is the reason for this fall from popularity…

Queen Delia (of the “COME ON! LET’S BE HAVING YOU!” rallying cry to Norwich City FC fans in Carrow Road a few seasons back) has revealed a bitter discontent with our current PM over the small matter of an unassuming dinner party spat.

While ol’ Bob knew that his tongue was best quietened (for fear of an attack of Coleman’s wholegrain), our ever-sensible PM thought it wise to declare:

“The turkey… *gape-snort* could do with a little more… *gape-snort* salt, Delia, old girl.”

That or the paper aeroplane launched milliseconds before this shot was captured must have landed in the gravy. Now that would be enough to rile any Norf’k ‘uns.

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