Construction of World’s fastest car begins



What is expected to be the world’s fastest car begins construction this week.

The car, named Bloodhound, has been designed to reach 1,000mph (1,600km/h).

The British-manufactured car will attempt to break the land speed record on a dried out lake bed in South Africa’s Northern Cape late next year.

The car has been in design for the past three years and will be powered by a Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine bolted above a hybrid rocket.

Bloodhound will command a thrust of 200 Kilonewtons (47,000lb). This kind of power is similar to the thrust delivered by one of Concorde’s famous Olympus 593 jet engines. However, Bloodhound will weigh only about six tonnes.

Chief engineer Mark Chapman said: “It’s a fantastic feeling to be handing over the drawings to the people who will now build the car,”

He added: “It’s a ‘progressive definition release’ which means as soon as we finish a design, it goes out the door. The first metal parts should start coming back to our design house in Bristol by Easter,”

This week Aerospace specialists, Hampson Industries will begin preparing the steel-lattice rear chassis.

Advanced Composites Group, well-renowned for their fibre glass work on America’s Cup yachts, will be constructing Bloodhound’s front section.

ACG will also be constructing the tooling and creating the master models. This will include critical elements of the car’s bodywork and structural components, such as the monocoque and nose.

Bloodhound’s Falcon rocket will be the largest hybrid (solid fuel propellant, liquid oxidiser) booster ever created in the UK. Such is its scale, it will need a Formula One engine supplied by the Cosworth group just to pump the oxidiser through the motor.

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