Coca Cola Still on top of the World

Coca Cola remains the top brand in the world.

Coca Cola remains the top brand in the world.

Despite not matching the top technology companies in soaring value, Coca Cola remains the top brand in the world. The order of the next three are as follows – IBM, Microsoft, then Google. These results are part of the top 100 brands in the world presented in Interbrand’s 11th annual edition of the world’s best global brands. Coca Cola now practically owns the top spot, as they have been ranked best of the best 11 years in a row.

Apple experienced the biggest increase in value of the top 100 at 37 per cent . Even with the glitches of the latest phone release, iPhone 4, the success of the iPad offset those minor problems.

BP had little chance of staying on the list after the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year. They dropped out in exchange for Shell, who came in at number 81.

Jez Frampton, as chief of Interbrand Group, commented on how the value to customers is defined as well as customer relations taking place, saying: “2010 was the beginning of a long road back towards economic recovery.

“From real-time customer feedback through social media to increased transparency about corporate citizenship, brands were faced with a profound change in the way they relate to customers and demonstrate their relevance and value.

“Despite this new paradigm of brand management, the advantages of building a solid brand remain the same.”

HSBC was the highest rated UK company coming in at number 32. Barclays was a distant second to HSBC, at 74th.

The value of Coca Cola is an estimated $70 billion.

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