Britain’s luckiest winners: problems are solved



After missing out on a £8.5million jackpot six years ago, Sue and Lee Mullen have received a stroke of luck in the form of £5 million.

After being desperately short of money, the Mullen’s decided to skip their weekly £1 lottery ticket to save money for their baby.

Although saving a pound the couple’s decision caused them to miss out on the £8.5 million jackpot as all six of their usual numbers came up one by one as they sat watching.

Now, six years later, the couples luck has changed, beating staggering odds of 196 trillion to one for matching six numbers, twice the couple can now call themselves millionaires’.

The couple began to play the game again, after Mrs Mullen had a dream at Christmas that lightning would stroke twice.

Mr Mullen said: ‘Unbelievable. It really is a dream come true. To think you never ever have to look at the label to see how much it is or to worry about what you’re putting in your trolley.

‘We just can’t comprehend that we never, ever have to worry.’

The 38-year-old said he and his wife were living in a rented property at the time their numbers first came up and could not even afford to buy furniture.

‘Religiously, every week, we used to do the lottery and when my daughter was born we didn’t have enough money, and it was either nappies for my daughter or the lottery.

‘Obviously the priority was my daughter so we bought nappies and unfortunately all six numbers that we did every week came in. To say that we were totally gutted was an understatement.

‘We were a bit disillusioned with it and we thought that was our chance gone, finished.’

Mr Mullen said he would also be keeping his T-registered Ford Mondeo car because it would remind him of his roots.

He said: ‘I’m going to keep it because every time I look at that car it’s going to remind me I’m not above anyone else.’

Mrs Mullen, who likes car boot sales, said: ‘People have won vast amounts of money on the lottery and other things and within a few years it’s gone. That’s not going to happen to us.’

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