20 Best Political Protest Signs

20 Best Political Protest Signs

Welcome to the 20 Best Political Protest Signs. And by that I mean, 20 that I found on the internet over the last hour that I thought were decent enough to include. Some of them are pretty good though.

I’m particularly fond of “God hates signs” and “Free speech for all – even douche bags” but there are quite a few good ones. Here is the top 20 in no particular order:

1) If it was Mayor Chester that wrote this one then he too might want to look into some ‘book learnin’.
protest sign01

2) Thanks Doc.

protest sign 02

3) Don’t we all…

protest sign 3

4) Finally, we hear from the other side.

protest sign 4

5) Sarcasm or stupidity? Only this lady knows.

protest sign 5

6)  The best advice for all you sinners out there…

protest sign 6

7) A real winner.


8 ) This man speaks the truth.


9) A classic protest sign.


10) I’ve been saying this for years. Shame on you EA.

protest 2

11) It’s not as effective when it’s coming from a guy in a teal YMCA muscle shirt. I think the son might be wearing a fanny pack too.


12) We could also teach them spelling?


13) I like this guy’s enthusiasm.


14) People sometimes forgot how much god hates signs, so thank you for reminding us…


(I’m also concerned for this kid. He needs new parents)

15) If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve been tea bagged by the Lib Dems.


16) This looks like photoshop but I still give it some points.


17) Thanks lady.


18) Nerd humour.


19) I’m confused more than anything else.


20) Finally, someone has something important to say….