Wenger looking for United confidence boost.



Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is hoping for a win at Old Trafford on Saturday evening to serve as a timely confidence boost for his devastated squad.

Arsenal lost out in the Carling Cup final, and were controversially knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona in a little over a week and Wenger realises his side are suffering.

They are still in the FA Cup 6th round, and sit 3 points behind league leaders United, with a game in hand, and have a good chance of lifting a trophy before the season is out.

“We need it, I must say, because we need help,” he said.

“We have been touched severely recently and we are of course chasing after a win of that type.

“I have said since the start of the season that we will go for all of the competitions.

“We have got two left and we lost one in the last minute. We played another against the super favourite of the Champions League and we lost under special circumstances.

“We need to keep the right attitude to turn the luck around on our side a little bit.

“We are disappointed, but we want to focus on our next target, and we have big targets in front of us.”

Wenger also talked about captain Cesc Fabregas, who will miss Saturdays game after struggling through the game at the Nou Camp on Tuesday after hurrying back from injury to face his hometown club.

“I don’t have any regrets about playing him,” insists Wenger. “He said he was fit. When Cesc Fabregas is fit, you play him.

“Cesc is very disappointed because it is becoming a little bit of a problem for him to have a recurrence of his hamstring, but it’s a very superficial one.”

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