Tom Daley: In LMFAO Tribute

Tom Daley LMFAO Spoof

Tom Daley LMFAO Spoof

Whilst the UK is still in the midst of winter, Tom Daley is currently in sunny Australia with the rest of his GB team of divers. Showing that the stress  of preparing for the Olympics is not getting him down, the sports star has taken time off from his hectic schedule to have some fun and release a tongue-in-cheek music video.

YouTube video

Tom, aged 17 has posted a YouTube video of him and his diver friends Tonia Couch, Chris Mears, Nicolas Robinson-Baker, Jack Laugher, Sarah Barrow and Max Brick performing some pretty dodgy dance moves along with a lip-synch to LMFAO latest hit ‘Sexy And I Know It’ filmed on a sandy beach in Adelaide.

Taking to Twitter, Tom tweeted “The British divers’ version of the @LMFAO video is out very soon!!! You are all going to love it…be prepared for a lot of skin ;) ”.

The video begins with the question “Ever wondered how Tom Daley and his Team GB diving squad friends relax between training sessions?”  before the team start of their dance routine. The YouTube video is gaming popularity by the hour, with various comments coming in, in support of the athletes

Talking recently about his hopes for the 2012 Olympics Daley, commented that the biggest challenge he faces is learning the front four-and-a-half dive, which is supposed be the hardest dive worldwide. Before he was to afraid to attempt it but has now overcome that fear.

It has been said that the Olympic venues could cost around £300,000 a year to maintain, these include velopark and Eton Manor hockey and tennis areas and potentially millions for the aquatics centre.

Specializing in the 10 meter platform event Tom has revealed that although he dreams of receiving the Olympic gold metal, he won’t hit his peak for another four years, which means he is not expecting to reach his point of perfection until the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Back in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Daley and his then diving partner Black Aldrige endured a hard time when they finished last in the final of the synchronized 10m platform dive. But despite this he remains confident that he will continue to compete for as long as his body allows him to.


This summer he hopes to resume his rivalry with Chinese diver Qiu Bo, who took Gold at the World Aquatics Championship in July 2011.

Despite the controversy of the LMFAO spoof, Daley holds that he his ready to do and that his training does come first, with regular intense sessions, he reports that he makes sure he doest atleast 10 training sessions a week.

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