The real reason Australia were useless during the Ashes – they were banned from drinking

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris

The real reason Australia failed to put up a fight during the latest Ashes series has been revealed by fast bowler Ryan Harris – they were told not to drink alcohol.

For years a tradition of Australian cricket has been sinking a few cold ones at the end of a days play, but this year Australian players were told not to consume any alcohol as it was thought it would make them more susceptible to injury.

Ryan Harris, who ironically did pick up an injury without drinking during the season, told an Australian paper, “Drinking now is seen as not great,”

“Guys are basically told not to drink. Heading into the Ashes it was said to them, ‘If you drink you put yourself at risk of injury and missing out’. When I came back into the one-day squad last year we were banned from drinking.”

Harris is currently out for four months with a stress fracture in his ankle, sustained during the series and also revealed the teams didn’t visit each other’s dressing rooms, another ashes tradition.

“It was all pretty serious, to be honest,” he said. “When I was there we didn’t go into their dressing room and they didn’t go into ours. I was a little bit surprised we didn’t go in for a beer but it was a very big series and they were very serious.”

Legend has it that David Boon, now an Australian selector once drank 52 cans of lager on a flight to play cricket in London in 1989, although he’s never confirmed the story.

If we want to keep hold of the little urn when Australia come to town in two years time, I suggest a couple of months of prohibition may be the answer.

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