Tendulkar: Personal Practice Assistant

Tendulkar celebrates his 50th Test century

Tendulkar celebrates his 50th Test century

The little genius is a man that has resources at his disposal that are not available to any other batsman in the world. In attempt to stay ahead of his competitors Sachin Tendulkar has employed a man being referred to as his ‘personal practice assistant’, this is Tendulkar’s own training partner that he is using to take his batting to the next level.

Never player first-class cricket

The man who has gained this position has never played first-class cricket, he also has  no credentials under his belt that would suggest he was worthy of this position or the tour he is preparing the world’s best batsman for. However, with the Australian test series looming this ‘personal practice assistant’ could be the key ingredient in India’s quest to win their first Test series down under.

DVGI Raghavindraa is the man’s name, and if he helps the batting maestro conquer the Australian bowling attack it could catapult him into being a well known household name all over the world. But what Raghavindraa lacks in expertise he makes up for with enthusiasm, and it just signals that India will leave no stone unturned in their fight to break their duck in Australia.

Raghavindraa has not got a ticket to Australia because he is a bowling genius, if he was then he might have been in the starting line-up, in fact he is joining the tour because of his throw-down skills. He is coming with very strong recommendations from Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, two of the finest players to come out of India in their cricket history.

There were even suggestions that Tendulkar had flown the 27-year-old to his house in Mumbai last month to start preparations early. Raghavindraa is an unknown in every sense of the word, what is known about this young man is that he is listed as an ‘attendant’ on a BCCI news release and he is very shy. Media reports have said that he has come from the India’s west coast, Kumta, and is employed by the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore.

Glittering resume

He and Tendulkar clearly get along well, this was even more evident after an hour long net session which saw Tendulkar receive throw downs from this man for this time.

Tendulkar is at a point in his career where he has won everything on offer, scored a ridiculous number of centuries. But what’s missing from a glittering resume is the Test series win down under, Australia will line-up with a team much weaker than previous years which will mean that the Test series will be an intense battle.

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