Surfing: Neon Riders On Bondi Beach

Surfers in Australia riding waves at night

Surfers in Australia riding waves at night

Surfers on Bondi beach in Australia have strapped glow sticks on themselves to enable a session of night time surfing. Surfing when it first became popular was seen as extreme, challenging what many feel is the most powerful force in the world, the sea.

There are many that worship the sea, knowing its destructive capabilities that have been witnessed all over the world. Surfers are no different, they give the sea the respect it deserves knowing the risk they take when the partake in the sport they choose.

Adjust to the dark

As such surfers are attempting to take their sport to the next level, and are working on successfully trying to surf in the dark. A challenge in itself since they are not able to see the waves that they are riding or what obstacles lay around them.

Looking at different possibilities available to them the surfers dressed up in neon bodysuits and as expected had to rely on feeling the waves which were a small 1 metre in height. They also had to let their eyes adjust to the dark, at which point they were able to make out the shape of the waves and have a good go at riding them.

Every part of the equipment being used had to be tailored made, from the wetsuits to the modifications to the boards. The suits that the surfers were going to wear in the dark where made from a similar material to rash vests, and they had a small battery pack fitted into them to power the lights which were built in.

The session of night surfing was instigated by Strongbow with the aim of celebrating the start of summer, the action was caught by a team of photographers and surf filmmaker Jack McCoy. The filmmaker has 30 years experience of making surf movies and although never attempting anything like this before, he would have been the one to understand the angles and be able to record the best footage.

Pushing the sport forward

Although not uncommon, videos promoting these events have become increasingly popular. Snowboarders, skateboarders, and other similar sports have used the videos as a way to showcase their skills and get sponsored.

Recording what is a new form of surfing and putting it on a platform that will allow lots of people to watch it will mean that others will do their part to push the sport forward, creating better equipment that will evolve and provide the users a better experience and the watchers a better spectacle.

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