Summer Olympics: Athlete Sells Himself On eBay

Ellington with no sponsorships

Ellington with no sponsorships

James Ellington, a sprinter from Lewisham has advertised himself on eBay in a bid to secure himself sponsorship deals. The London sprinter is looking for a deal for which he has set a reserve of £30,000, in the event he does secure some sponsorship then he will be wearing the branded sports clothing during training and in the run-up to the Olympics in London next year.

Injury free

Many athletes in Great Britain and the world over are in their run-up portion of the timetable, as such they are working overtime to make sure they stay injury free and get to the games which are set to bring the world into the heart of the UK for a few weeks next year.

26-year-old Ellington had revealed that even though managed to qualify for the games, and form of sponsorship has eluded him. He has suffered from injury problems and this has meant that the deals he had in place are no longer available.

As such he is trying to do his part in finding companies that would like exposure to an international audience. It is important to remember that the sprinting events bring in the most viewers, and if a company would like to get their name across to the most number of people in the UK and the world then advertising on a sprinter is quite possibly a very a good option.

Ellington has revealed that while he made it to the Summer Olympics he has not had any support from the national lottery, a kit deal, or any kinds of endorsement. According to the sprinter, he is peaking at the crucial stages after breaking many of his own records.

No financial backing

The reality for a sprinter like Ellington is that while he is off to the games, he has not got financial backing. What this means is that he will struggle to train, since this will require £15,000 just to cover his wage and he will need another $15,000 for travel costs and accommodation, not forgetting the expense which is related to the dietary needs of an internationals sprinter.

He is not to be taken lightly, while there are many sprinters across the UK none have really taken the world by storm. Ellington himself is a 100m, 200m and relay sprinter and this year he holds the record for the 200m, running it faster than any other sprinter from the UK.

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