Strongman: 26 Tonne Truck Pull

Strongest man in the world

Strongest man in the world

Another Polish strength athlete has become the strongest man in the world, after competing in a competition giving the winner a top prize of $6,000. Krystof Radzikowski who is from Poland has followed in the footsteps of strongman legend Mariusz Pudzianowski, who had won the world’s strongest man title for a record 5 times.

High-income economy

Poland who are to host the Euro 2012 football championships this summer are a country renown for producing top strength athletes, joining the Scandinavian nations in the what is a tough sport. The country has a high-income economy and is one of the fastest growing inside the European Union.

Its economy has been steadily getting stronger as it goes through a period of economic development, which should receive a boost from Euro 2012 championships.

Strongman fans are some of the most hardcore supporters in the world, and on announcement of the winner spectators were already chanting for their personal favourites. The competition lasted for three days, and showcased strength and power through the various athletes.

The competitions included 25 contenders from 22 countries who were fighting for the top title and trophy. Only eight of the men were competing on the last day, but all 25 were present when the winner was announced.

Expectations were high among each of the athletes as they were all hoping to be awarded the title. But as the rankings where announced in reverse order, excitement was boiling over as the competitors so far unannounced were keeping their fingers crossed that they had been crowned winner.

Britain’s Lawrence Shahalaei was in the mix, coming in second with 33 points. The Briton is a strongman with enormous power, and since the great English strongmen of the past he has been the one close to push the best in the world.

President not surprised

The President of the Strongman Federation was happy with the result and competition, and was not overly surprised by the result. Strongman has historically been associated with being entertainment, but with the level of competition seen in the sport it is being take much more seriously.

In the past competitors used to fall into the sport, coming from weightlifting and even team sport backgrounds. But the recent trends have seen athletes purposely training from a young age to be the strongest man in the world. This has taken the sport to a whole new level, the amount of weight that is being lifted in the sport can only be done after years of hard training.

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