Spurs miss out on last minute Charlie Adam deal as Holloway keeps his star

Charlie Adam

Charlie Adam

When Harry Redknapp left the office at around 8.30 yesterday evening he told Sky Sports that he had concluded all of his business for the transfer window, but Daniel Levy had not.

Revealing the move that almost was, Redknapp told Talksport, “Daniel [Levy] rang me late on and asked if I like Charlie Adam. I said ‘yes, he’s a fantastic footballer’. He said do you want him, I said ‘can we get him?’.

“We pushed on and tried to do it, Daniel was confident he could get it through. It went to the wire but we missed out by minutes.

“Daniel dealt with it. Apparently the boy was definitely up for coming…apparently the chairman couldn’t get hold of two shareholders who had to sign the forms as well. It’s just one of those things.

“But there’s a chance we could go back for Adam in the summer.”

Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston had certainly backed his manager during the window, with the signings of James Beattie from Rangers, and Andy Reid from Sunderland.

He told the local paper,  I want to give the town, the club, its supporters and the manager the best possible chance of maintaining Premier League status.

“It would be horrific if we all sat at the end of the season saying ‘What if?’ “Now, no matter what happens, there won’t be any ‘what ifs?’

“We will give staying in this league – and all the rewards that brings – our best shot. We go forward together and we won’t have any regrets,”

Oyston spoke to BBC 5 live and told them he supported calls for the transfer window to be scrapped after a frantic final day’s activity.

“It’s a time for desperation in agents and clubs and it’s one of the things that directly contributes to poor football finance and governance and people just spend themselves into trouble sometimes,” he said.

With their main man staying, the team have every possible chance of staying up.

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