Skateboarding Party: Tackling Youth Violence

Skateboarding in Sao Paolo

Skateboarding in Sao Paolo

The authorities in Sao Paolo, Brazil, have held a skateboarding event for the local children of whom the majority were not able to skateboard. Was this a massive oversight by the authorities who may have lost touch with the younger generation or was it a shrewd move on their part, opening the eyes of these children to a sport an art form that they are able to pursue in the concrete jungle.

Juvenile delinquency and youth violence

The aim has been to tackle juvenile delinquency and youth violence which is spreading throughout the country like an aggressive infection, this does not include the other major problem in Brazil which has been the gang and drug culture that has gripped the slums tightly.

The skateboard event was held in the Maua District, which has suffered at the hands of high crime rates where it is not uncommon to stand witness to robberies and drug-trafficking. The police force is up against a population of nearly 200 million people, and research which was carried out in the past had shown that  Sao Paolo was the city with most favelas when compared to all the others in Brazil.

With this in mind the government would be struggling if they did not try something out of the box, Brazilians are big football fans but this is not the only sporting option at their disposal and although the current skateboarding event did not go to plan it will have exposed kids to something new, something which children in the country already have in interest in.

In excess of 2,000 children took part and this included famous professional skateboarders. Each participator took to the top of a slope of a main road, this was use by thousands to showcase their skills.

Fully interact with the surroundings

According to education specialists, and reconfirming the shrewd move claim, insufficient space for any extracurricular activities has not provided the youth with places to find hobbies. As such the authorities have used skateboarding as their vehicle to get children interested in something that some could have a future in but for others a hobby that will remove them from the temptation of crime.

Skateboarding is perfect for built up areas, it’s an urban sport much like parkour where those taking part can fully interact with the surroundings around them. In Brazil skateboarding is one of the most followed and popular sports, but with few skate parks to learn their skills they have adapted by using the slopes very similar to snowboarders.

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