Simply put Ladies and Gentleman, The Rock is back!

The Rock

The Rock

WWE fans got a massive surprise this week as the Rock returned, and announced that he is back for good.

The Rock was last seen in a WWE arena 7 years ago but will return to the WWE as the host of Wrestlemania 27, and will return to WWE to wrestle.

Having already announced he has WWE fans favourite John Cena well in his sights, WWE fans can look forward to an ongoing battle between their favourites, in a feud which could go down as one of the best in history.

The nine time WWE champion is sure to be a big draw to the WWE, who have seen ratings drop since the WWE Attitude era that saw Steve Austin and the Rock dominate the show.

Dwayne Johnson, aka the Rock, has been away from WWE while he concentrated on his acting career and has starred in The Scorpion King, Get Smart and The Game Plan.

The Rocks return saw him say he had missed working with a live audience, and that he was now ‘back for good’ and ‘never ever going away’.

Former WWE announcer Jim Ross said, “Got a great email when I returned home from Memphis from Dwayne Johnson who was still pumped about his MNR experience in Anaheim. I had emailed ‘The Rock’ late Monday night about how proud I was of him for his amazing performance on RAW and he hit me back and indicated that I would love what he was planning on doing at WM27. Big time players play their best in big games and there’s no bigger game in WWE than Wrestlemania and no bigger game day player than the Rock.

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