Roy Hodgson: Surprise Choice For England Manager

New England manager is a surprise choice

New England manager is a surprise choice

England were approaching the summer and the European Championships without a manager for the senior international team, prompting lots of speculation as to who would be stepping into the hot seat. The position left many frustrated and disappointed.

There was much talk suggesting that Harry Redknapp would be coming to the rescue; even fans had got behind the idea that their England team may stand a good chance of competing at a top level at the championship instead of just turning up and crumbling under the pressure.

Management experience

The appointment of Roy Hodgson has caught everyone by surprise. He will taking the role once he finishes the domestic season with West Bromwich Albion. But even his extensive management experience will be stretched as he takes over the reins to what is a troubled England side.

One of the first things that needs to be addressed is the animosity between Rio Ferdinand and John Terry. These two provide so much experience at the back that success in the championships will depend on these two  being able to play together harmoniously.

Then there is the small task of finalising a squad of players which is capable of winning the European Championships, the first major competition for the England team since the 1966 Football World Cup.

Once these tasks are completed there will be the remaining hurdle of winning the hearts of a nation of supporters, who will need convincing that the self destruct button will remain off.

Hodgson has been given a four-year contract, which will cover these championships, the next World Cup, and the European Championships in 2016. This will give him time to put his stamp on the direction of the England team after the championships, which may see him turn to a different set of players if the current batch fail again.

Younger players

It is likely that the likes of Terry, Ferdinand, Lampard and Gerard will be making their last appearances in England shirts if they fail to perform. This will pave the way for some of the younger players to take their spots.

On his appointment Hodgson has said he is prepared for the scrutiny and criticism that will be directed towards him, as it has been to all the previous England managers. He went on to say: “I’m hoping everyone in England gets behind their football team, because we want to give this country the successful football team we’ve been waiting for since 1966.”

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