Robin Van Persie devoted to Arsenal

robin van persie

robin van persie

Arsenals Robin Van Persie has told a national newspaper that he can’t imagine leaving Arsenal and is desperate to win some silverware at the club.

Van Persie has had a much better season with injuries this year and has been on a fantastic run of form, scoring almost a goal a game in the last 12 games.

Van Persie missed most of last season with an ankle injury, as well as the first two months of this one, but since his return he has been in lethal form, culminating with the equaliser against Barcelona in the week.

Van Persie also revealed he felt that some people had written him off after so many injuries, and that he is delighted to be back playing and proving his doubters wrong.

Speaking to the Daily Mail he said, “I think some people had forgotten me a little bit. I could sense that when I scored my hat-trick against Wigan,”

“I had the feeling that some people were surprised that I’d ever come back and do that for my club.

“Reading one or two articles was quite interesting, because apparently a few people didn’t really think that I would come back as strong a player as I’d previously been.

“In my opinion that was never going to be the case, but that lack of pressure (of expectations) gave me the time to come back.

“When you don’t play, people can forget you really quickly. There’s always a new player, a new thing, football can change in one game.

“Now that I’ve come back with some goals, it’s a new story for people and journalists might say ‘He can make them champions’ – but that’s not the case, either.”

Talking about Arsenals lack of silverware over the past few seasons Robin explained, “I don’t have the inclination to go anywhere. This is the best team for me to be in.

“The bottom line is that I want to win trophies with Arsenal, not with anybody else.

“I know you can win trophies in many countries and in many ways, but I want to do that in our way and in an Arsenal shirt.

“I’m sure I could win things at another team in another country, but would it feel like our trophy, my trophy? I’m not sure it would.

“Anything we win here will come from the heart and that’s what I want. It’s my dream and I see no point in speaking about other teams when I have these dreams.

“I think other people know that about me; I’m just hungry to win with Arsenal and that’s it.”

Robin sees the Chelsea game as a big turning point in Arsenals season, as they won 3-1 and finally beat a top 4 side.

“For me, that game against Chelsea was a big turning point. We’d had a couple of more average games around it so the pressure was on, we needed to win the game to catch up and we all worked our socks off,” he added.

“That pressing game can be great but everyone needs to do it. If one guy doesn’t participate, you’re lost.

“So it’s a risky way to play, but if everyone is sharp and ready to run for each other it can be beautiful. We’ve been working hard on it and I think you can tell.”

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