Racing: Guido Falaschi Dies

Rally Car Driver Guido Falaschi Dies

Rally Car Driver Guido Falaschi Dies

Rally car driver Guido Falaschi died in hospital today from injuries sustained during a race. The 22 year old Argentine crashed in the final lap of a race during the Turismo Carretera race taking place at the Juan Manuel Fangio track in Balcarce, Argentina. Video from the race shows several cars crashing into the barriers around the track before smashing into each other. Falaschi was considered a rising star in rally driving.


Emergency workers and fire crews were at the scene of the crash within seconds and got Falaschi to hospital quickly, but it was not enough to save the young driver. Hospital officials have reported that doctors attempted to revive Falaschi for over 40 minutes, but were unable to bring him back to life.


The accident happened because Falaschi lost control, hit the barrier and swerved back onto the track were he was struck by fellow driver Nestor Girolami. Other drivers have described the accident as a “disaster”. The Turismo Carretera is the most popular race in Argentina. Girolami has been reported to be in stable condition in the hospital. In the last month two other motorsport crashes have ended in fatalities, taking the lives of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon and MotoGP’s Marco Simoncelli.

Guillermo Ortelli, another driver in the race said: “When Guido hit the wall and came to the inside, I managed to avoid him. When I tried to recover so I could go straight, everything was dirty, filled with dirt. The car kind of went off to the side and Guido’s car comes back at me and that was when I was hit and after that, well, I felt hits from every side, nobody was braking, nobody was braking. I was left sitting in the car and all of them passed me at full (speed).”


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