Petr Cech admits Champions League KO would be disaster



Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has admitted that it would be nothing short of a disaster of his club were knocked out the Champions League by FC Copenhagen.

After seeing his side fall behind in the title race and get knocked out of both domestic cups, the Champions League remains the one realistic chance Chelsea have of silverware this season.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti is finding pressure is growing on his own position, and will need to progress deep into the tournament to convince owner Roman Abramovich he possesses the qualities to be worth keeping next season.

28 year-old Cech has seen plenty of European quests end without victory, despite getting close, and says that despite Copenhagen being a good side, it would be a disaster if his side crashed out.

Speaking to his own website, Cech said of getting knocked out being a disaster, “Absolutely. It’s not about the name of our opposition, it’s about the distance (in the competition).

“To be eliminated would be very bad for Chelsea and it’s not the aim of any big club, after all.”

Cech says his team won’t give up in the league, and they need to battle to secure a Champions League spot next season, but that Europe is their only real chance of silverware this term.

“Naturally, we are still fighting for the best position possible, we are still in mathematically but it is not at all in our hands now,” he added, with his team 12 points off the lead.

“We must hope that other contenders drop a lot of points, which is hard to expect.

“That is why the Champions League is basically the last competition we can win.”

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