Pepe Reina defends Fernando Torres decision to leave.

Reina defends Torres

Reina defends Torres

Pepe Reina has come out and defended the decision of former Liverpool and current Spain team mate Fernando Torres, and has told the fans to remember the good times the Spanish World Cup winner bought them.

Liverpool fans were incensed this week when Torres left with the parting shot that he had joined Chelsea because he wanted to win some trophies.

Reina, however, defended his former team mate and said there was nothing left to do but wish the striker good luck.

“Football is like that, as players we come and go,” Reina was quoted as saying in Spanish media.

“You have to understand his decision, he felt it was a good opportunity to continue developing.

“The club has to look forward and forget Fernando. He is not here anymore and we can’t do anything but wish him a lot of luck.”

Torres made his debut for Chelsea against Liverpool, but was substituted early in the second half, and lost the match one nil.

A Liverpool fan brought a banner saying, “18 titles, five European Cups — is Chelsea a bigger club?”,

“It’s logical that people don’t understand it but I think they have to make an effort and remember what he did for the club during these past three and a half years,” Reina said.

“He scored a lot of goals, he provided many entertaining afternoons of football and that is what we have to remember, the smile that he put on people’s faces in many matches.

“In my case a friend is leaving, it’s tough but football is like that.

“Yesterday at (Chelsea) was a bit strange but football has these situations.

“Today you are playing with a team mate and friend and the next you are playing against him but you have to wish him a lot of luck. He is trying to make things work out well for himself.”

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