O’Shea rubbishes Terry pressure claims



Manchester United defender John O’Shea has rubbished John Terry’s claims that Manchester United will be under massive pressure if they lose to Chelsea tomorrow night.

United are currently 15 points ahead of Chelsea, and 4 points clear of Arsenal at the top of the table, so even defeat will still see them in a strong position.

John Terry had suggested that the pressure would increase on the 18 time Champions if they lose on Tuesday, but O’Shea laughed off the suggestions.

“He’s got to say that, hasn’t he? said O’Shea.

“Obviously John Terry has to keep the season alive – and we still have to play them twice.

“We have the experience but we have to show it on the pitch, it’s pure and simple.”

United have a poor record of late at Stamford Bridge, having not won there since 2002, but O’Shea knows that it’s only the result tomorrow night that will matter.

O’Shea added: “It is definitely a case that the result is everything, especially when it comes to big weeks like this.

“Not many people are going to remember how well we played if we win.

“We are on top of the league at the minute and hopefully we can keep the cushion ahead of other teams.

“That obviously means not losing games and going to places like Stamford Bridge and getting results.

“We haven’t had the most favourable of results down there recently but we are looking forward to the challenge of trying to put that right.”

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