Nissan: DeltaWing To Change Motor Racing Forever

Nissan DeltaWing ready to compete at Le Mans

Nissan DeltaWing ready to compete at Le Mans

Car giant Nissan have revealed their new car called the DeltaWing. The initial appearance of the car has similarities to the Batmobile used in the movies before the Christopher Nolan films. Created as a racing car, the one advantage it will have over its competitors is that it uses half the amount of compared to its competitors.

DeltaWing racing program

The rocket shaped car is the face of Nissans ambitious DeltaWing racing program which will see the car take part in the famous 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours race. In comparison to the other cars which will be included in the race, the DeltaWing will be the most eye catching.

By its creation the car does not use out-right speed, which may be surprising given its shape. Instead the focus has gone on balance, and efficiency. The bonnet of the car hides a 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine, which should provide more than enough power to move the car which is also 50% lighter and 50% more aerodynamic than the traditional Le Mans racing car.

The engine is capable of producing 300bhp, which is enough power to send the car around the circuit at a top speed of 186mph. While the DeltaWing will not be able to win Le Mans because it does not meet existing regulations,

Nissan is hoping that the car puts in lap times that will put the car between the LMP1 and LMP2 cars. It will be racing from ‘Garage 56’ which is the pit lane for experimental vehicles, and it will be given the racing number of ‘0’.

The driver will be sitting in the back of the car, almost on the axle. While looking down the long, narrow fuselage to a narrow pair of Michelin tyres. The engine has been mounted at the back of the car which means in racing terms the car will be highly manoeuvrable.

The first two drivers of the car will be British Sportscar racer Marino Franchitti and Michael Krumm who is Nissan’s reigning FIA GT1 World Champion.

Creating jobs

“Nissan is a very innovative, forward-thinking company prepared to take a risk or two. And exactly the same applies to Nissan DeltaWing. Our involvement in the project shows the boldness of Nissan from an engineering and innovation mindset,” said Paul Wilcox, Senior Vice President of Nissan in Europe.

The second largest car manufacturer has also just revealed that it will be investing £125 million at its car production plant in Sunderland, with plans to manufacture its new invitation compact car. The move will create 2,000 much needed jobs in the Britain which is struggling with low levels of unemployment.

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