Neville tells Mourinho he’s wasting his time

gary neville

gary neville

Manchester United ex captain Gary Neville has told Jose Mourinho and any other manager hoping to take over from Sir Alex Ferguson when he retires they are wasting their time.

Sir Alex is currently in his 25th year in charge of his side, and has won an amazing 11 Premier League titles during that spell.

Neville believes those waiting to take his place will be waiting a long time because the fire that burns within is still just as strong as it ever has been.

Ferguson had suggested he would leave in 2002, but changed his mind and has gone on to win another five titles since then.

Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourniho is known to want a crack at the job once Ferguson leaves, and is apparently fed up with life at Real Madrid after just a year in charge.

Speaking to The Sun, Neville said, “There are many great managers and there’s always speculation about who’s going to take over from Sir Alex.”

“I’m sure when the time does come, Mourinho is one of the candidates who will be mentioned because of the success he’s had elsewhere.

“He’s a character. You have to respect people for what they do and he’s very good at what he does. He’s been successful wherever he’s been.

“But it doesn’t come into my head at this moment in time as Sir Alex is still going stronger than ever.

“It’s a waste of time to start speculating who will take over from him.”

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