Neville looks for Cup win to lift Everton’s season

phil neville

phil neville

Everton captain Phil Neville is hoping that Everton’s FA Cup 4th round penalty win against Chelsea will give them the springboard from which to kick start their season.

Everton have struggled so far this season, and have been extremely inconsistent, but Neville hopes their win can give them the lift off they need to secure Premier League survival and push for domestic cup success.

Everton are just three points clear of the relegation zone, but could use the win to push towards the top half.

“This could be the springboard for us,” said Phil Neville.

“We’ve set the standard today and we must not drop below that.

“There is still plenty to play for in the league if we pull our socks up.”

Neville is not renowned as a penalty taker, but was confident in his ability, saying, “I knew I was going to score.

“I knew where the ball was going to go – and that’s half the battle.

“We’ve been practising all week. The manager just told us to hit them as hard as possible.

“My biggest worry is that there was a big divot in the penalty spot. Petr Cech looks really big, but luckily he dived the wrong way.”

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