Neville: England career waste of time

Manchester United legend says club success worth more

Manchester United legend says club success worth more

Manchester United great and former defender Gary Neville has defined his career as an England right back as a ‘waste of time’ definitely not covering the statement in flowers to soften its effect, and he has gone to say that his country will not be in any position win a major trophy for at least the next decade.

England will never realise their goal of a major trophy

The defender who retired from professional football last season is England’s most capped right back making 85 appearances for his country. He played in three European Championships and two World Cups, but there was never the level of comfort in his England career compared to the one with Manchester United.

He has stated in his book that England will never realise their goal of a major trophy, especially in the next ten years. The reason given by the defender is that the culture of English football produces technically inferior players compared to the rest of the world scene.

“We have our football culture in this country based on the traditional power player and I don’t see use competing seriously for a major tournament for at least 10 years. I’m afraid we still have a lot of catching up to do” he wrote in this autobiography ‘Red’ which has been serialised in the Mail on Sunday.

Winning with Manchester United meant more

The reality as given by Neville is that the abuse the England players face from so called fans and pundits, some of whom played for England, when they fall early in tournaments made it an experience that is not held fondly in his memory.

“The whole lot of us got in the neck at other times. It should be fantastic, the best moments of your life. But there is no doubt that too many players spend too much time fearing the consequences of failure when they pull on an England shirt” said Neville.

In his book he also made it clear that winning with Manchester United held more weight compared to any success with England.

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