MP joins sexism row

Andy Gray

Andy Gray

A Tory MP has lashed out at feminists as Sky Sports star loses his job.

Sky Sports has fired its controversial football presenter Andy Gray as the sports sexism scandal deepens. Gray seems to have found an unlikely ally in Conservative Member of Parliament Dominic Raab.

Mr Raab used an article for the Politics Home website to express his views on feminism and women in the work force. The 36 year old MP for Esher and Walton accused feminists of obnoxious bigotry and subjecting men to flagrant discrimination.

He went on to add that in his opinion men were put upon in the jobs market as they work harder, for longer hours and were at greater risk of being let go.

Raab defended his writing on Radio 4’s Today Programme stating that although Britain has strong anti-discrimination laws men are constantly victims of subtle discrimination. He did say it was right for Sky to pick the presenters up for their remarks but argued that equality should go both ways.

Labour has criticised the MP claiming that he shows the Conservative Party as a whole are out of touch.

Barney Francis, managing director of Sky Sports, has blasted Gray and his colleague Richard Keys for their comments made on Saturday where they also denounced women in football and mocked West Ham vice-chairman Karen Brady for writing an article about sexism in the industry.

Is sexism still an issue in British society and are men the new victims?

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