Mancini complains about playing every two days



Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has bemoaned his team’s fixture congestion, and hit out at the effect it was having on the countries international chances.

England remains the one major European League who don’t have a winter break, and with teams competing in the Premier League, two domestic cups and European competition, February and March see teams with fixture congestions.

Mancini’s City team will face Fulham on Sunday, just three days after beating Aris in the Europa League, and Mancini says he’s never seen such fixture problems before.

Mancini said, “In my life I have never seen that a team arrives in February and March and has to play every two days.

“This is a big problem, not only for us but for all the (English) teams. Something should change because this is impossible for all English players.

“At every World Cup and European Championships, there is a problem for England because all their players are tired.

“We should have more respect for them. They are not machines.”

Mancini has seen the fixtures pile up in the same way as his injury list has increased.

Mancini added: “At the moment, it is difficult to get performances from my team every three days because I only have 15 players.

“Usually when I have 18 or 19, I can change six or seven players and keep them all fresh.

“At this moment, it is impossible because I can only change three or four.

“I don’t know if these matches will eventually catch up with us.

“We can only use the gaps in between to recover, which we will have to do for every game until we play against Chelsea on March 20.”

Mancini can draw positives from the fact his team destroyed Fulham last time they played them.

He said: “Our performance at Fulham was one of the best of the season.

“I hope we can play like we did that day but I feel Sunday will be a different game because they have got better as the season has gone on.”

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