Mancini – teams are very close



Manchester City manager has revealed he feels the two clubs in Manchester are now ‘very close’ in standard, after watching his team get beaten by a wonderful overhead kick from Wayne Rooney.

The 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford say City play the better football, and with better finishing may have seen them leave with some points.

Mancini felt that his team were unlucky to lose, and despite the now eight point gap between the teams, feels his team are moving in the right direction.

“We are very close to United now, very close,” said Mancini.

“In the five derbies I have been involved in, there is only one time when we didn’t deserve to win.

“And again, we didn’t deserve to lose this one. But United are this much ahead [holds two fingers narrowly apart] of us and the other teams. Just by this much. It’s very close.

“We should improve. I have been saying this for six months but, if we come here and play like this against United, then we will be okay. I am very proud of my players and I have told them this. I think we have the right character.

“After we equalised, I thought we could go on and win. United didn’t play well in the second-half but Rooney’s goal changed the game. This is the mentality that comes when you have been winning things for a long time.

“We can change this though, because we have changed a lot and improved a lot as a team. I think we need to win one cup or one title because, if we do, then we can change the whole mentality of the team.”

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