Liverpool remaining tight lipped on Dalglish talks

Dalglish talks to remain private

Dalglish talks to remain private

Liverpool CEO John Henry has stated that any contract developments with current manager Kenny Dalglish will be dealt with the ‘Liverpool way’, behind closed doors.

Liverpool have been transformed since the return as king Kenny as manager, with the club now only four points behind Tottenham who lie fifth in the Premier League.

The American had already confirmed that talks were set to begin with Dalglish with regards to extending his current deal which runs out at the end of the season.

Henry has reiterated that any talks with the Scotsman will be kept private.

“What’s going on in that regard is private,” stated Henry.

“It’s something called the Liverpool way and you do these things behind closed doors.

“I’m not going to talk about these things, but he’s done very well.

“It’s all very positive, someone was saying that people weren’t happy here. But I think since that person left, people are happier.

“We are working on the future. We will have to have a lot of days like today to do that (finish fifth). This was a big three points, because this is a tough place.

“Tottenham are fifth and look very good, so we will have to play extraordinarily well. We will have to win when they come to Anfield to have a shot at that.”

Manager Dalglish denied any reports claiming he has already been offered a deal.

“As regards the job, I’ve seen in the papers I’ve asked for a four-year contract, but I don’t know who I’m supposed to have asked. I also saw that I was offered two but I don’t know who sent that in,” the Scotsman stated.

Somebody asked if I’d spoken to the owners. Of course I have, I speak to them every week. They’re fantastic and supportive but there’s been no detailed discussions about next year.

“Until there’s something to be said we can’t make it up for you, until then, there’s nothing.

“For me that’s not a problem. The club has always been the most important thing. I don’t have a problem with that. There’s no pressure on anyone.”

Liverpool’s next game is away to West Brom in two weeks time.

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