King Eric is back as Cantona makes his return to the New York Cosmos

SOCCER - Premier League ... Manchester Untied v Nottingham Forest

SOCCER – Premier League … Manchester Untied v Nottingham Forest

Eric Cantona, the former Leeds and Manchester United striker, will make his return to football this month after agreeing to take the role of ‘Director of Football’ at US Major League club, New York Cosmos.

Almost 14 years after turning his back on the game at the age of 31, Cantona will oversee the recreation of New York Cosmos, a team who used to attract crowds of over 50,000 fans.

The team, who featured mega stars including Franz Beckenbauer and Cruyff, folded in 1985 when the North American Soccer League went under.

The team is being set up by British businessman Paul Kemsley, who once employed Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, at his company Rock Investments.

Despite not appearing in a football arena, Cantona has never been far from the headlines, recently encouraging the French people to withdraw all of their money from the banks and hide it under their mattresses, reasoning that without money, the banks would fold and be punished for their part in the global recession.

He also featured in a variety of films, often refering to himself as an actor

Cantona was never far from controversy when he played either, and despite winning 5 league titles in his time in England, was also banned for 8 months for kung fu kicking a fan whilst playing for Manchester United against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.

The new club hope to join the MLS in 2013, and with Cantona at the helm, anything is possible. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be an entertaining ride.

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