Kenwright opens the door for United Moyes move

David Moyes

David Moyes

Everton chairman Bill Kenwright has opened the door for Manchester United to come and take Alex Fergusons ready made replacement, should the great man finally decide to call it a day.

Sir Alex, who shows no sign of giving up yet, will eventually retire and leave the biggest job in football that he has so expertly filled for 25 years vacant, and there aren’t many more suitable for the position that Moyes.

Having spent 9 years at Everton he has guided the team to the Champions League, all with a very limited budget, and the team has performed above themselves season after season.

As a fellow Glaswegian with a burning desire to win, many see Moyes as Fergie’s natural successor, and Kenwright admits that should the day finally come, he won’t step in his manager’s way.

Kenwright told Sky Sports news, “I know the stories about Manchester United, one of, if not the biggest club in the world,”

“If that day ever came then he would have to make a decision, but I also know how committed he is to the cause of this football club.

“Not just for the next week, or the next two weeks, but what this club is all about. This club means an awful lot to him.”

Kenwright is also aware that his manager has had to perform without the backing enjoyed by other teams that high in the league, but has still made the most of the limited money available.

“It’s not been an easy nine years for a man that wants to win, for a club that wants to win, but it’s been nine years when he has given everything to advance this football club and take it forward,” he added.

“Our track record in the last five years is an average of seventh position; well I’m sure that wasn’t the case before he arrived.”

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