Kenny Dalglish defends Sian Massey concerns

Sian Massey

Sian Massey

Liverpool manager and legend Kenny Dalglish has this morning used his Mail on Sunday column to defend the suggestion that his reaction to a referee’s decision would have anything to do with their gender.

The former Scotland international was a non contributing member of last week’s sexism row after Andy Gray suggested that Kenny Dalglish would “go potty” if female assistant referee Sian Massey made a bad decision against his club last weekend in the game against Wolves.

In his column Dalglish said, “Of course, I would have done, just as I would have done if a male linesman had made a mistake. It wouldn’t have been based on gender at all.”

He went on to say: “I have never judged anyone on anything other than their ability to do the job. Colour, creed and gender do not come into it.

“If Sian knows the laws, why shouldn’t she be involved in the game?

“When Sammy Lee brought the team-sheets in last weekend at Wolves, he didn’t even mention that one of the assistant referees was a woman.

“That’s a reflection of how unimportant it is.”

Whilst we’d like to think that the row has been put to bed, I’m doubtful this is the last we’ll hear on the matter.

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