Karl Oyston reveals Blackpool didn’t fight fine because they feared points deduction

Karl Oyston

Karl Oyston

Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston has revealed the club didn’t fight their fine for fielding a weakened team because they were worried they could be handed a points deduction instead.

Holloway, Blackpools manager famously suggested he would quit if they were fined for fielding a weaker team, despite being one made up entirely of players in the 25 man squad Blackpool submitted at the beginning of the season.

The game, against Aston Villa, saw 10 changes to the previous game and Blackpool played well before losing 3-2.

The club received a £25,000 fine from the Premier League, but Oyston admitted they daren’t appeal it for fear of being given a points deduction instead.

Talking to the Blackpool Gazette, Oyston said, “I really, really don’t want to open a can of worms that could go further against us.”

“For the sake of £25,000, I am not prepared to take the risk of an increased fine or even a points deduction.

“I would not want to preside over a points deduction. I am not going to risk the future of the club and its survival in the Premier League.

“I’m sure the Premier League will use the £25,000 in their charity work, so I see it as a contribution to charity really.”

Blackpools poor run of form has left plenty of nerves around Bloomfield Road but Oyston is confident his team can avoid the drop.

He added: “It’s a very nervy time at the moment. We have all got to stick together and do our bit.

“When you look at it objectively, we are fantastically placed and our future is in our own hands.

“It really is a time for a rallying calls. We have 12 games to go and our own destiny in our hands. I think it’s vitally important that we hold our nerve.

“If you stick together, as we always do, and give it our best shot we can do no more.

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