John Terry: Boas Supports Captain After Racism Charge

Chelsea skipper to be charged on racial abuse

Chelsea skipper to be charged on racial abuse

Let’s be honest there is usually no smoke without fire, and this holds true in the alleged case of John Terry racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. However, this has not stopped Chelsea manager Andre-Villas Boas giving full support to his team’s captain, who will be facing charges for racially abusing Rio Ferdinand’s younger brother.

Top flight players being ignorant

It’s hard to imagine top flight players being so ignorant, especially when the likes of Terry have grown up in a multi-cultural city like London. It is even more shocking to hear this when these players get paid a ridiculous amount of money and play a game which is televised in countries all over the world.

The fact that such talented and wealthy players find themselves in situations like this is beyond belief, and it can only be described as ignorance.

It now appears as if the Chelsea skipper will be appearing in court sometime in February after the police had given the go-ahead to prosecute the 31-year-old for a ‘racially aggravated public order offence’ by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Terry played in yesterday’s game against London rivals Tottenham, and during a press conference Boas said: “I will be really supportive of John whatever the outcome of the situation.”

To be fair to the Chelsea coach, he cannot penalise a player who actually knows his role and plays he position well. It is hard to speculate what is said behind the scenes, but looking at possible replacements for Terry will be hard especially since he has made his defensive position his own.

Boas went on to say that Terry would also get full backing from the rest of the club, in the players favour he has not been charged yet and therefore until a firm decision is made and he is either accused or not he everything will carry on as normal.

European Championships

For England fans this is not really the best news as they prepare for the European Championships were there is the possibility he will line up with the victims brother. There has been a major movement in football to get rid of racism, but every now and then another high-profile player says something that has the potential to ruin their careers.

With children watching the sport, and idolising players it is important that these football superstars make sure they are worthy to be followed and revered and with the wages they receive it is the least they can do for the younger generation.

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