Jerome sees all the pressure on Arsenal



Birmingham City striker Cameron Jerome claims all the pressure is on Arsenal ahead of Sundays Carling cup final at Wembley.

Arsenal meet Birmingham in search of their first trophy in six years, and will be the overwhelming favourites to lift the cup.

Jerome hopes that Arsenals workload from fighting on four fronts this season will leave them tired and create an opportunity for his Birmingham team to upset their Premier League rivals.

Jerome said: “Will the lack of trophies put pressure on them? I think it is going to.

“They are overwhelming favourites and everyone is writing us off outside of our camp.

“That is going to add the pressure on them, and also them not winning a trophy for a while.

“They had a league game on Wednesday (against Stoke), have a narrow lead in the Champions League against Barcelona, and have also got an FA Cup replay.

“They are in a lot of competitions so hopefully we can catch them slipping.

“They are going to have to be poor and we are going to have to be brilliant to get something. That’s the nature of it really. Arsenal are a top side.

“But are their too many balls for Arsenal to juggle? Possibly. Definitely. I think Arsene Wenger would prefer to get a trophy.

“He is definitely going to go for it. It’s a major cup final.

“But, with them having one eye on the Champions League, still being involved in the FA Cup and the league, maybe some of them will think in the back of their mind that the Barcelona game is more important then Birmingham.

“Hopefully they will get complacent and think they can just turn up to win comfortably.”

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