Jenson Button: Lavaman Triathlon

Button uses holiday to take part in triathlon

Button uses holiday to take part in triathlon

Formula 1 driver Jenson Button has proven his fitness after taking part in the Lavaman Triathlon in Hawaii for the second year in a row. The British driver who is part of the McLaren team is in the middle of his three week break, and used that time to keep his fitness levels high by taking part in the triathlon not as a professional but as an amateur.

Rigorous fitness tests

All the participants were expected to swim 1.5km then follow it up with a 40km bike ride, and to finish off there was a 10k run. Button took 2 hours to complete the race. which could not have been too much slower than the professionals who had take part. Formula 1 drivers go through rigorous fitness tests, to make sure their bodies can withstand the extreme amounts of force they experience through bends and accelerating as well as getting into the driver’s seat.

He has only just come of the back of winning the opening F1 Grand Prix of the season in Australia, and now heads to Shanghai for the Chinese Grand Prix on 15th April.

The second race of the season in Malaysia did not go to plan after he finished down in the field, for which has come out and apologised to his team mates and his McLaren team. The race was won by Fernando Alonso in his unfancied Ferrari, a team Button was linked with at the start of the season.

He finished 14th in Malaysia after crashing into the back of the HRT driver Narain Karthikeyan in the ninth corner of the lap number 15.

He said after the race that he wasted a good opportunity to pick up some valuable points, and that he was shocked that he was still third in the championship. The F1 Grand Prix will no doubt be hotly fought this season with several drivers all capable of winning, and all of them proven winners in the past.


Button admitted that Malaysia was a terrible experience, even though he was picking drivers off at ease. He made the mistake of hitting the brakes to hard, which caused them to lock up, after which he made attempts to slow the car down but at no avail as he hit the driver in front.

“But it was totally my fault. I found a car in my way when I totally out-broke myself and I lost the front wing and it took a long time to change it. When I came back out, I could not do anything in the race,” said Button.

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