Hollywood Calzaghe aims for the big screen



Former World Champion boxer, Joe Calzaghe has been inspired by a trip to LA, and now wants to turn his considerable talents to the big screen.

Welshman Calzaghe has just returned from a trip to LA, where he partied at Elton John’s Oscars party, and had meetings about what was next for his career.

One option is a part in Micky Rourke’s film about gay rugby star Gareth Thomas, who is also Welsh.

“I’ve been chatting to Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham and I’m looking through scripts at the moment but what I really need is an agent,” he said.

The movies would have to be action films rather than rom-coms “because you have to be able to act to do those,” he added.

Calzaghe also admitted he had no idea what the Americans were saying, because he didn’t understand their accents, but will turn to fellow Welshman Matthew Rhys for some tips.

“He told me it took him six months to get the accent and that I’ve just got to keep at it.”

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